Tips before purchasing a new laptop


My old laptop is broken and led me to buy a new one. Dealing with numbers of choices takes a lot of time and you know, if we don`t consider what kind of laptop for being used is, we will be disappointed.

Each of us has a different job and need. So, we should suit the laptop with our activity. A person who works as a graphic designer needs a laptop to run a heavier application while a person who just works as a teacher or a writer, might need a simple laptop to operate Microsoft office. If you already consider your self-need now, you and I are easy to choose any laptop based on our preference but spend a low budget.

  1. Think about how a new laptop being used!

Well, it’s not hard to think about it. I bought a new laptop yesterday but I listed many possibilities on how I am going to use the laptop. Before, with an old laptop of mine, I used to work on writing lessons and articles. For example, are writing a module for teaching and writing for a blog. To assist these works does not demand me to buy a laptop with specification like CoreI3, CoreI5, or CoreI7, its enough by using the laptop with Intel Atom.

But, because I will execute a heavier job and need the better performance of a laptop to do multitasking work later, so I considered a laptop for a bigger RAM, memory, and graphic.

There are multiple options available for those specifications. Therefore, I selected a merk.

2. Deciding Merk

There are Apple, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Hp, Lenovo, etc in stores. So, I guess you will get confused by these merks. The first thing I did yesterday was selecting these merks. Whether they are affordable or not. For specifications like RAM 4 GB, 1 TB Hard-drive meets several models of the aforementioned merks. Here, I compared their price. I got HP AMD A9 9425 and Lenovo for the same model. Both of them cost 4.350.000 rupiahs each. I chose HP because of its appearance better.

3. And, yes the appearance

Don`t you think a nice-looking laptop awesome? Currently, a model of laptop is designed to look good and fashionable. Asus Zenbook, for instance, brings a new breath. it has a wonderful screen and also has a luxurious color. And, of course, the weight is light, about 1,5 Kg, perhaps.

After buying a laptop

4. App Installations

Get ready to install all apps that you need to run your tasks. I forgot to ask the sellers to reinstall all apps like the apps from my previous laptop. So, many of them I should reinstall by myself. You know, it`s important to remember because when we are going to work on a new laptop, we always want to find the ordinary apps we are used to utilizing.

5. Dealing with little problem

After the laptop is at home now, some problems like finding just one local disk, mostly local disk C, may appear. So, don’t panic to see it. We can do a little work to handle it. I dealt with this matter before. It`s about local disk partition. We can learn from tutorials from Youtube or other references. For me, this channel is useful, How to partition local disk c without formating.

Ok, guys. That`s all I can share with you the little things that we should consider before purchasing a new laptop. Hopefully, it benefits you. Oh, yes. I am glad to have HP AMD A9 9425, this laptop meets my requirements. Bigger memory to store files and other documents, enough RAM to operate many apps at once.

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