In such a difficult time, stress and feeling bored are commonly happened to us, right?

The amount of time spent at home is significant due to self-isolation. Not including sleep, we have about 16 hours to execute many house-works and leisures.

Both sexes have begun to share the same amount of time while at their household but possibly have differences in the type of activity. Males spend most in leisure and female are really into the unpaid jobs.

As a man with double jobs who spends most in teaching and writing content for the website, living in a small room is now pretty bored. So I decide to execute routines in style.

This how I spent Monday 6th April

4.00 am

I used to wake up at 4 am to edit some writings and prepare teaching lesson for morning class but even not doing the same things now, I rise from bed to discipline myself.

4:30 am

Praying to God. Every Muslim should spend 5 times a day doing ritual prayer: one in the morning, two in the afternoon, and the rest in the evening.

So, 4:30 is the time to do dawn prayer, It takes 5 minutes only. I did it and it was followed by reciting Al-Quran, the holy book of Islam.

6:00 am

I am a bit into coffee, So, today I spent more hours to sip a cup of it. While enjoying this, I also read popular articles related to lifestyle, travel, culture, and food.

And it is not to miss checking Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Pinterest, and my Tumblr. If necessary, updating my latest status is unforgettable.


Cooking. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, I Have started to cook and it was like a starting point in my life to prepare food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At this time, at 7:00 am, I listed many things to buy at the grocery by my friend. And then followed by cooking Rice and Chicken soup as a main meal for breakfast. Even cooking culturally belongs to women, But it is fine for me because now I live far from home and still single.

9:00 am

Head on the front road. This is my new activity also. I want to see people walking around, to see which market still open and to breathe fresher air.

10:00 am

Writing content. Before the Pandemic happened, I accustomed to write at night due to my bulk works. Now, the situation changes me so much in scheduling. 10:00 o`clock in the morning is now being a writing moment while in the past I was teaching in the classroom.

12:00 am

Stretch out on the sofa and get to zuhr prayer. It is habitual for me resting after writing too many which sometimes triggers my dizzy.

And of course, it is time to let my self feeling closer to God. By having Zuhur prayer, I can spiritually wish the god helps me in my life

13.00 pm

Blogging. You know that I work as a content writer but at this time I don`t continue my work instead of updating my story to my own website.

I want to share a story as well as I can. Hopefully, people are happy to read that.


Read a book. This is my power to invent ideas. It helps me much with writing. A list of books that I should read is already on table. It starts from a self-help book, biography, philosophy, democracy, culture, and Novel.

16:00 pm

Meditate and head to Asar prayer. It is weird for me to say it. People from my hometown have no idea what meditation is. I begin to meditate while spending time much at home. Hopefully, it will reduce my stress. As well as this, I stand for asar time.

17:00 pm

Working out my physical body.  I love to build muscle and keep fresh every day. But now is more than that, 24 hours at home to avoid exposure to Covid-19 undeniably limit my movement, so, it is good to challenge myself to exercise every day.


Head to the bathroom. After being exhausted from doing sports, I get having a shower.


Time for Maghrib prayer.


Have dinner with roommate and lady house. Since I have moved to a new rent house in early march I met new people. All of them here are my family too. They care about me and always be there for me.


Get to Insha Prayer. You know, actually, all prayers: subah, zuhr, asar, maghrib, and isha should be done together with other Muslims. But the Covid-19 had forced us since February to stay home or get infected while doing prayer together in mosques.


Keep in touch with friends and family. This is a moment when I want to spend socially with everyone. Whatever I do, calling or chatting with someone at this moment is necessary.


Nobody of my friends rebut that I always sleep early. This is what I want to keep from carefree. First, it helps me stay healthy as long as I live. Second. It increases my concentration for the next day. Moreover, I will wake up early then.

That`s all of my daily activities since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit so much in life surrounding me. I assume it is not really different from female`s activities while they are at home too. So, this article is also for you girls or if you wanna find more you can learn from the story of Pooja here.





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