I know how bored it is to spend 24 hours at home and doing nothing except monotous works: watching, listening to music, phoning friends, gaming and probably reading. Or perhaps positively like my routines.

It comes to my mind why not to be familiar with kitchen and try to cook tasty dishes from best places around the world or just local refreshments?. It helps us to reunite with taste and travelled experience from place to place.

Of some travellers, we know better, to experience new food is what they mostly want to share with us. And it is what we can do by having a cookery class in our own cook`s room, to experience eating many grubs.

Now, Let`s travel to Aceh, by making some of their favourite delicacies. Acehnese`s dishes are mixed of between middle east`s and India`s flavour. Take Kuah Belangong(Aceh`s curry) as a good example, local people in Aceh the so-called region Serambi Mekkah use many spices while cooking it like arabian and hindi. To be more precise, it consists of pepper, coriander, lemongrass, cinnamon, chili, curry leaf, cumin, gingger, shallot, garlic, nutmeg, coconut milk, turmeric, galangal, cardamom, bay leaf, salt, oil, water and red meat as a main material.

Hang on ! we are not a really expert and not having good culinary skill, just forget to cook Curry and prepare some inggredients to make pastry, flatbread for sure.

What we gonna cook is Cane similarly called canai, roti maryam, or prata in its origin region, India. This flatbread is popular amongst local people in Aceh, an easy absobred thing into their culture.

My shared experience to make cane while at home, hopefully can inspire all of you to try it at home. Ok, let`s move to the dough of cane.

Generally, Cane the flatbread is made by mixing egg, oil, margarin, salt and wheat flour. No need bigger strategy to cook it, just knead the dough until it comes together. Next is to seperate it into many small doughs and keep them left for 40 minutes before cooking. it will help to increase stretchability when they are flatten into thin layers. Or you can visit this suggestion website to know more.

Cane can be served with condensed milk, or just sugar. For some people in Aceh, they are not really into chicken curry to enjoy it like India`s people.

Ehm, finally the cane is ready to eat.

Other simplest food we can try to make are martabak telur Aceh, Boh rom-rom bread, nagasari bread, and timphan bread. We can discuss them later in the next article.







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