Getting used to Photoshop


In the meantime of multimedia, mastering many skills is a must. We should learn something connected with the Internet and something with a designed graphic.
Today, I learn photoshops to help myself creating nice paper and attractive illustrations for teaching material. Reasons for it come later after massive online learning hit much in my work field. Before, I used to design a simple learning module for teaching in the class, no need for colorful illustration, and also no need for meaningful pictures. But, recently, I am struggling to accommodate the need for creative skills in providing better online learning for my students.
It takes a lot of effort for beginners like me to get used to photoshops. It has multiple menus and each menu has a different function. A bruise is to edit color while the crop is to cut unnecessary parts a picture. Others which I can not mention all their functions do the same, manipulating images.
I cannot provide any picture from my learning now because the results are still bad for your eyes. Later, I promise to upload it here. Hopefully, my achievement seems to be good. But look at that one above! Is that okay?

Era of Editing

I am also being attracted to post good pictures on my social accounts such as Instagram. Here, the uploaded pictures must be interested. Impression for others invites them to like and comment. As well as this, if possible, our Instagram account can be business like advertising products, services, or something like personal branding.

At first, I used to post images without considering nice-looking or not. If the images described the story of mine, I just uploaded them directly. For example, the first picture was about my experience to visit my friend`s village, I captured a nice moment from the tallest tree. But, the poor thing was the photo blurred. Similar photos to this from my Instagram, I’ve taken down and stored them in the archive because they are so bad to be shown.

I see a lot of people care about their Instagram posts, like in their Insta-story or the photo collection. One account attracts me so much because it takes care of details. It arranges one photo to another photo similar in color. It exhibits the art of the photograph. But don`t expect me to tell the account here because I must get permission from the owner first. So just it.

Start from now, I’m going to edit photos for Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, and many other social accounts. But, Instead of using a variety of image-editor apps in a smartphone, better if I use a single photo editor in a laptop. It is simple and satisfying.

I consider that the ability of editing images is paramount. It helps us to adapt to the digital era. We can not ask people for help just for editing our images. We should do it or we should pay for the price. Because you know, more and more millennials are offering their service for whom are wanting their Instagram`s images edited recently. It must have a price tag for one picture, let`s say 10k rupiahs per picture.

Another point that might be essential to say learning photoshop is important is job opportunities. Various companies, offices, and manufacturers hire graphic designers. We can fully work or take a part-time job as a freelancer. Or, offering our service for those who need their photos edited just as Millenials done above.

Don’t it amaze you? Simply say yes. Future life demands more creativity. Now it just begins with editing photos and those who are careless might be lost the opportunity to suit their hard-working life into the easiest one.

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