It`s been 3 weeks I stayed at home. food stock were almost gone, and so were the toiletries. I went out and cycled directly to market. Since the lock down area is applied, it is terrible at this moment to socialize with neighbours, friends and above all,to meet foreigners.

I walked to the nearest market for avoiding widely contagoius effects from undetected suspects. But I used my sufficient time to capture some people whom I met today. Here they are:

1. Road users

They are local people of Tulung Rejo Village, the well-known area of Kampung Inggris. I took their pictures while they were probably going to buy their household`s needs.

2. Friend of mine

He is also immigrant like me who are almost 1,5 years to stay in here, kampung Inggris, pare. He was shopping in Diana Market for daily need. The market is close to his rent house so he regularly walks to purchase goods without hesitation.

3. Pharmachist

I met her in her duty in Pharmacy, the only place remains open everyday in Tulung Rejo, Pare. We talked much about what`s happening since the Coronavirus outbreak is seriously taken into account of local authoirites. She looked busy with her job to list some medicines to place them into showcase.

4. Me, buying food and other needs

Let me post some photo of current situations in Tulung Rejo, Kampung Inggris Pare while lock down is on the work.

1. Abandoned shops

These shops are closed to the response of Self-Isolation, one of these shops is to operate local touring agency.

  2. Padang Eatery

Tradisional eatery which ordinarily offers take away or dine in has been closed about two weeks ago. It cannot survive for having lack of costumers.

3. Empty road

It was taken in the middle of the day. No one people went out from their homes.


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